Ernie Trevino was born in Brownsville and raised in the Bayou City…Houston. 
Growing up, Ernie’s musical influence came from Icons such as the Beatles,
Doobie Brothers, Cream, Freddie King, Rolling Stones, and CCR. 
Like a lot of families during that time, money was hard pressed, but seeing her son’s
undying passion for music his mother somehow was able to pull together enough
to get Ernie his first electric guitar at age fourteen and set him on his musical journey. 
By eighteen Ernie was jamming with several different local bands and making a name
for himself.  Eventually, he put down his passion for a period of time due to circumstances, 
but the music inside inevitably called him back and he has held on for the ride ever since. 
Ernie has performed in and around the South Texas area with different musicians along
the way from the Power Trio, to the acoustic, since the 70’s. 
He evolved into the Ernie Trevino Band by the ‘90’s. 
Ernie has shared the bill with Blues Legend, “Texas Johnny Brown”, featured/interviewed
several times by Scene Magazine, performed live on Television and radio
(KPFT 90.1 Houston), and has performed Rallies and Festivals.

Ernie Trevino is passionate about resurrecting challenging Classic Rock renditions
with a touch of Texas Blues with attitude, giving them his original spin.
Ernie Trevino Band entertain fans with a superior concert experience in a live
setting…just pure raw talent. 

Come feel the power and passion…a performance to remember long after the show. 
Those that know Ernie know he plays from the heart.

Ernie Trevino on Guitars and Lead Vocals, J. Gold on Bass and Vocals, Bruce on drums and Vocals.

The Scene Magazine Feb. 2006 edition said:
"With the Ernie Trevino Band you will experience the raw sound , the songs of Neil Young, Cream, Beatles, ZZ Top, Robin Trower, "Feel The Energy".

The Scene Magazine Feb. 2004 edition said:
"With the Ernie Trevino Band as the acoustic guide, the songs of Neil Young, Jim Croce, Beatles, Harry Chapin, Steely Dan, Captivated The audience.

Ernie Trevino has a fine tenor voice, and he, Saunders and Drake do excellent tight harmony.
The band's presentation was true to the feel of that special era's music. Bravo! Bravo!"

-Jim Shortt